Friday, September 21, 2007

Back from Beantown

The gang is home and I am SO tired. I definitely had an enjoyable trip but we stayed at a crappy hotel and with my mom not living in Boston anymore, we didn't get any time away from the boys. So a lot of the things I enjoy about Boston like good restaurants and taking nice walks were missed. But I did have a really good time.

As planned, we met up with Melissa and her son Jackson on Wednesday. It's amazing at how much he has grown in a year. And he's definitely a quick lil' guy, already walking and like really walking, not that crazy baby walk that's more like a wobble. C1 was very well-behaved there which was somewhat surprising. He actually thought lil Jackson was funny rather than seeing him as some sort of competition or something smaller to hurt (which was my fear). He did later say that J was loud and hurt his ears...I was like, now you know how I feel!!!! LOL.

C2 was actually worse because not only did he "not have his listening ears on" but has an "ownership" over me so he gave Jackson some looks of death and at one point blocked me from him. I should figured this since he did the exact same thing when we were in Florida with my niece Cheyanne. Chey-Chey always hangs all over me when we're down there but C2 was not having that.

The next day I got to head down to see baby Benjamin. So ridiculously cute and tiny. I was amused that Connie thinks he's "big" since he's now 8 lbs. hehehe. Anywho, he's seriously cute and his parents despite being sleep deprived are obviously smitten with him.

That night, we got to meet my friend Alison in the park. The boys showed a lil' bit more of their true colors. I think behaving so much the previous day, they were done. I did have to somewhat basque in the glory of Mary not being super mom since when I got back from seeing Baby Ben, she begged me to let her go "out" for a while. LOL. See, it's not so easy to manage C1 and C2 on your own.

Anywho, we headed back in the a.m., stopping at Chuck E. Cheese to break up the trip. I wish it was closer! It was finally a place that I could have fun and the kids could have fun. Of course, Mary and I took turns watching the kids and having a competition on the basketball game. It was a 3 game series with us tying the first 2 and then me wooping her but in the 3rd round. Like seriously, even I didn't know I was that good. LOL.

In other news, the spermies arrive tomorrow and I was relieved to not have a pos OPK today. This would be the worst day for it. I have my fingers crossed for a pos on Sunday so I can get an IUI on Monday. *wishful thinking*

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