Tuesday, September 4, 2007

a LONG post about the LONG weekend

The LONG weekend is over and they don't call it long for nothin'. I thought I wasn't going to make it. As I've said in a previous post, weekends are not for me. It's more work with feeding 4 people, entertaining the kids and Mary usually has some landscaping or house project for us. This is fun trying to actually get something done with a 2 yr old and 3 yr old who cannot be trusted to even play on their own for a few minutes.

As for the weekend, Saturday we took the day off from the usual weekend labor. We brought the boys to a park in the morning. It was a couple towns away and kind of far for a playground run but some friends of ours met up with us. It was nice to have some adult conversation. We also had a lil' party for the boys *just us 4 attended* for their 1/2 birthdays. It was kind of a "they've lived with us for 6 mos" celebration for us but we told them it was for their 3.5 and 2.5 birthday. It was complete with spider man theme, cakes (1 for each) and we finally got them a train set. They are obsessed with playing with trains at other places. That was fun and they were definitely thrilled. C1 has always loved singing happy birthday at random times so now he's going around singing "happy birthday to me" and telling everyone he is 3 and a 1/2.

Sunday I spent prepping the boys stuff. I painted C1's bed to match C2's. We couldn't find a matching bed since we bought them separately. I also painted the bureau (or dresser as most ppl call it) we have for them.

When we started foster care, our intentions were to take ONE baby. We stated we would like a baby up to 6 months but would consider a child up to 24 months. Then we got a call for 2 children, 26 months and 36 months - C1 and C2. We had 8 hours to prepare for their arrival which included replacing the "nursery" stuff (that we had prepared for a BABY) and adding a toddler bed. C2 has slept in the crib up until recently.

Anywho, taking on the boys has made our house a mess. Esp since bed time was always crazy, we decided to move C2 into the office since he was less likely to mess with the computer and other stuff. It's been annoying not having an actual office and toggling between C2 sleeping in the office but having all his stuff in the other room. The "nursery" room is also a lot smaller than "the office". So I decided to consolidate them into 1 room AGAIN and organize an actual room complete with a theme *sports - Red Sox and Patriots*. I decided (much to Mary's dismay) that it should be the room formerly known as "the office" since it's much bigger for 2 kids.

After some serious work on Sunday and Monday it is done. There room looks great but not only were we woken up at 6 a.m. this morning ((we've gotten them to sleep as late as 7:30 p.m. in separate rooms) by them laughing and yelling but now our office stuff is a complete mess and my internet is not working. Apparently we can't plug our dsl into a different phone outlet - wtf?!? Now I'm on Mary's laptop which luckily can get online but sucks. It's some crazy IBM she got from work. It asks me for a finger scan *literally* or password every 10 minutes and keeps threatening to shut down on me.

Oh well, enough of my ranting. Hopefully I can post some pics' of the room at a later time. It is quite nice *if I do say so myself* :-)

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