Friday, September 21, 2007

I'll plant my own trees, thank you very much

We come home to see our front lawn "staked" along with all of our neighbors. The town has decided to plant trees on OUR property....that we own, that we pay the mortgage for.

We plan on landscaping the front next year since all our money went into our fence and putting trees in our backyard this year. What if we had already planted trees? Would they just add other random trees? This is so weird to me.

Mary also thinks they'll be Japanese Maples since the older subdivision we're attached to has them. I think Japanese Maples are very pretty but they do NOT go with our house and I had already had a lovely vision of planting Magnolia trees. I'm so annoyed by this.

UGH, I hope I'll be home when they come to plant them and can refuse this some how. It's my house, I'll decide what trees go up and where they go.

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