Monday, September 17, 2007

Having a baby ain't cheap

I follow this message board for lesbians trying to conceive. One of the lesbian couples that I dislike *it's a long story* is pregnant AND to top it off, it's only their second try. They also only tried at home and didn't do any tracking before hand. It's so weird how people's luck at this ttc game can be so different. It's a total crap shoot which is a why I hate it. I'm annoyed and bitter.

I think Mary's freaking out since I'm placing the sperm order today. She wanted to skip this month but I put my foot down. Hopefully I'm right and we don't just waste $980 in sperm costs. There's no pressure or anything *yeah right*.

We also got a bill for the HSG test for 50% of the cost. Apparently, our insurance company covers 50% of infertility costs. Mary was kind of bitter that they only covered 1/2, I was elated since I was worried they wouldn't cover any. Paying $300 is definitely better than $600.

Oh well, I am busy preparing for a our trip tomorrow. We don't leave until late in the afternoon but I'll have C2 home since has play therapy late in the morning. He's in play therapy merely for integrating him into C1's sessions. C2 doesn't seem to have any issues where he'd need it so it's kind of annoying but whatever.

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