Saturday, September 15, 2007

Clomid + Timing = Baby :-)

I'm officially on a fertility drug. I started the clomid last night. My "side effects" seem to be from other stuff so hopefully it will stay that way. Of course I'm obsessing over every lil' thing. It's going to be a LONG THREE WEEKS (clomid and the wait for pregnancy or period).

I was definitely irritable earlier. Though it was Mary's turn to sleep in so I hit the ground running: taking the dogs out, getting the kids up, making breakfast for everyone except me, and entertaining them until she rolled out of bed. C1 was also not listening to anything I was telling him to do or not to do *shocking* and kept being rude. I was trying to be extra nice and be very interactive but I guess it's just one of his bad days or rather bad days with me.

Mary did give me a break by taking the kids to the museum after their nap since I was getting irritated and also needed to do some errands.

Then I had some crazy hot flash tonight. Though as soon as I got home from shopping, Mary mentioned the kids wanting to eat. It was make your own pizza night so I had to get everything together for that and be around a very hot oven. Then I decided they should make cookies while their pizzas cooked. Once we sat down, I got to toggle between cutting pizzas and getting the cookies cooked. Dinner ain't easy. I started last week to eat dinner after everyone since Mary does their bath afterwards. I feel like a waitress so it's hard to enjoy dinner. Though then I felt like I was separating myself and C1 was getting anxiety from it "Cannee, why aren't you eatin?...Cannee, why won't you sit wit us?".

Oh well, another day in crazyville. Clomid #2 tonight. At least I'll only take it for 5 days and then it's supposed to magically make me a baby. Yeah, right. But combined with perfect timing for an insemination, it better :-)

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