Thursday, September 13, 2007

Having a Baby Just Ain't Easy

My IUI drama continues. I called my gyn this morning to hopefully have an easy time making an appointment.

The nurse (a/k/a jerk face) now has to talk the dr and see if she can o.k. it. She's all, "with the IUIs, you have to be patient and see what we have available". Ummm, "no b*tch, me having a baby or wasting $700 on sperm depends on this sh*t". Ugh.

Now I clearly remember why we've been doing home inseminations and not involving doctors. It's frustrating since in this area, there are no fertility clinics, I have to deal with a townie gyn and her schedule. Plus, when I talked to her about it, she acted like she would make availability (ya know, since my ovulation isn't flexible). Then her nurse has a stick up her bum. UGH UGH UGH.

Hopefully I'm over reacting and they can just schedule my apptmt. This entire process is ridiculous.

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