Wednesday, September 12, 2007

stuff for ME :-)

I got my allowance (yes, I get an allowance - LOL) early this week so I went shopping in the a.m. Mostly clothes and I got the the new Kanye West CD - Graduation. I heart Kanye. It was pretty exciting to buy myself some stuff. Most everything I buy lately is for the chitlins or the house. I did try to buy myself sneakers last week. Then when I got home, I realized they were too big, so now they belong to Mary. Now I have me some new stuff :-)

Anywho, Mary left work early so we met for lunch at Olive Garden. Olive Garden is such a hot spot in town it's so crazy. I definitely enjoy it but I'm not obsessed with it like these crazy rural people are...basically, I refuse to wait more than 10 minutes. Luckily, we grabbed a few seats at the bar so didn't have to wait in the masses.

I have been stuck in traffic in town since there is a lot of road work being done. It SUCKS!!!! Being in traffic in Boston was worth it because 1 - it didn't happen very often since I usually used my feet or the T and 2 - Boston is a cool place to live. Neither one of those is true for my current location.

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