Thursday, May 29, 2008

Happy To End This Day

Thanks to everyone for their well wishes. My mom's surgery is complete. Nobody's been able to see her yet since she's in recovery but the word is everything went well. I was beginning to panic because I didn't realize just how long the surgery would be, over 5 hours. But I am relieved to hear that's it's complete and it looks like it hasn't spread to the lymph nodes which was another worry.

In other news, Cameron's last day of pre-school is tomorrow. It will be a very short day since he'll "graduate" at 11 and then we're heading to Boston. We're going for the weekend to bring some stuff down to the house and paint a few rooms.

Of course, he was home sick today. I definitely felt bad for him, he was really sick and still is (hopefully better tomorrow). But I had so much on my mind with my mom and well, I had planned on it being my last day of freedom. I basically told Mary that it wasn't happening for me to watch him ALL day so she would have to work some from home. Luckily, she agreed so I did the morning and she worked from home to watch him in the afternoon. Though when she got home, I said I was off to do some errands and she was wondering when I'd be back since she "had to work". Geesh! Normally, it's no big deal, he's sick, he's home with me but for his last day I had plans to get some stuff done. Sometimes hormonal pregnant Candice wants to throttle wifey.

This is the culmination of pre-school/day care - being sick! Seriously, how are little kids SO germy? This is one of those parts of motherhood that I definitely don't enjoy. But it does make me feel better about having him home now since I think he'll be a lot healthier *fingers crossed*.

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Lannette said...

I'm sorry to hear about your mom's cancer but glad that she's through the surgery and doing ok.

Between worry and taking care of a sick little one you must be exhausted Candice. Take care.