Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Family Day

I'm back from my stupor of either the worst cold ever or allergies from hell. Mary's convinced it's allergies combined with stress, I'm convinced it's a sickness. Anywho, I've been congested beyond belief, sore throat, cough, and just general achiness. I do have renewed sympathy for Camer since coughing sucks! I've only been coughing for a few days and it's the most annoying thing ever not to mention kind of painful. That child coughs almost every night. Anywho, I seem to have gotten progressively worse but I did motivate myself today to leave the house so we could all go out to breakfast.

So what do lesbian moms do on Mother's Day? Well, they teach their son how to play t-ball. ha! (I just couldn't resist making fun of myself)

So yet another Mother's Day and we're still not "real" moms. Oh well, I think these holidays kind of suck anyways. O.K., they are cute but I wish that schools wouldn't treat them as actual holidays and let families make their own decisions on whether to celebrate them. We went through hell when Father's Day came around last year and trying to avoid an HB melt down. Hello, everyone doesn't have a mom and a dad. I think both holidays should be wiped out and there should be a "family day" or something.

It's funny because I would imagine that I would be more into the entire Mother's Day thing more than Mary but she was truly bummed last year that we got no recognition. So I had Camer color a picture for her earlier in the week and I framed a cute pic of the 2 of them. She was quite happy. Of course, I tell him, "give this to mom Mary and say happy mother's day". So he goes to her, takes the things out of the gift bag and hands them to her. I'm like, child, you're supposed to give her the bag to open herself. Anywho, then, I say, "what do you say?". And he says, "you're welcome!". LOL.

Mary came through by getting me a card with a *bucks gift card. She was all, I didn't know it was supposed to be from Cameron. LOL. Though she had him hand it to me and yes, he opened it for me first.

In cuteness, we may not have an actual baby yet but our first baby is definitely enjoying the bassinet. Miss Violet is so funny. I know she's thinking, "geesh, they finally got me a bed".

Aside from my continued sickness, we had a good Mother's Day and enjoyed some nice weather.


Stacey said...

Sorry about the illness but it does sound like a nice mother's day. We didn't do anything special other than a "cheers to us" at dinner. LOL. Riley made us a card in daycare with her picture in it which was nice.

Love the cat in the playpen photos. That is so like a cat. She probably does think you're finally giving her the royal treatment like she deserves.

Candice said...

Right, cats are so like that! She waited a long time for a princess bed but at least it comes with fun bears to play with. ha!

R said...

I love the pics of the cat in the playpen!! Those are priceless!!

Trace said...

I like that...Happy Family Day...the whole M. Day thing bites.