Monday, May 12, 2008

House Sold *almost*

In other news, our house is officially under contract. After some negotiations, the buyer is getting a deal and we're getting screwed. O.K., not officially, but I will say that realtor fees SUCK. This is good though, right? Sold house = move to Boston.

However, we're thrown for yet another loop since they want to close next month. Ummmm, the only reason I was happy that we hadn't had a sale yet was the fact that I felt I didn't have to worry about closing before the baby was born. Now, the closing will be a month before the baby is due. This adds quite a bit of complication since we have health insurance in Maine and we're moving to Mass. Going out of network would be far too costly and we won't have health insurance in Mass until September when Mary's contract starts.

Luckily, I have an appointment with my midwife tomorrow. The most practical idea seems to be to switch to a provider in southern Maine. That way, from Boston, we'd be less than 2 hours away opposed to over 4. I'm hoping my midwife can recommend someone "in network".

We're also going down to Boston on Wednesday since we're now in high speed to find a place to live. We'll stay Wednesday night and look at some places on Thursday. Luckily, my friend M is going to watch Cameron so that he doesn't have to come with us. Toting a 3 year old to look at houses/apartments is NO fun.

We also have the inspection for our house on Friday. I am a little bit worried since these people are definitely trying to get a major deal. We have a new house so there won't be any major issues but I do worry they're going to try to get even more money off for minor things. At the price we're at, it's not possible for us to go any lower. We're already losing enough money on this entire transaction. Oy. Selling a house sucks!


Trace said...

I'm so excited for you! 1)because you're due date is approaching very very soon and 2) because you're moving back to Boston where I know you'll be happier.

However, the money and timing situation does bite.

Candice said...

Right, it's all good stuff with the WORST timing EVER! Hopefully we'll figure things out and Mary won't be delivering this baby. LOL.