Tuesday, May 6, 2008

30 WEEKS! *and a day*

30 weeks = excitement!!!! O.K., there's the what the hell is happening to my body feeling, the why can't I sleep normal feeling, and the oh my god, I'll never be able to push this baby out feeling but there's also EXCITEMENT. What will the baby look like? How much will he weigh, etc? When will he be born? It's exciting!

This is my hugeness (and my wife's poor picture taking). Yes, my wife and son like to tell me how "huge" I am. Mary inserts foot in mouth each time she says it and well, Cameron, he just likes saying "huge" and giggling about it.


R said...

Great pics!!!

Trace said...

Oh my gosh!! It's so round!!

I think it's the only time in my life where I'll be happy about having a big stomach. Of course the rest of the time I'll pinch an inch and bitch about my little stomach bulge to hubby.

Lannette said...

Awww! You don't look huge. You look perfectly pregnant.


Lannette said...

I just wanted to stop in and wish you a Happy Mother's day!


Candice said...

Thanks Lannette! Happy Mother's Day to you too :-)