Tuesday, May 13, 2008

And it all comes together...hopefully

Just back from bringing the kid to play therapy and then heading to a midwife appointment. I feel a little better about the situation after talking to my midwife and having some time to digest. So the plan is to find a practitioner in southern Maine. Since it's my first baby, the consensus is I'll easily have time to get to the hospital. If not, well, I guess his name will be Toyota Matrix :-)

We're also all set to see some places in the Boston area on Thursday. This was quite the task to coordinate but some how I managed. We're not seeing as many as I would've hoped but we're first seeing some places through the university rental place which is probably what we're going to go with anyways. They are much more flexible than typical landlords.

We also have a potential court date for Cameron's adoption. Our background checks are "trickling in" (I'm not totally sure what that means) so we were able to get a tentative date assuming everything is in by then. It was the next available date and it is about a week before our potential closing date. Geesh. We were glad they were at least able to do that since we have not been super thrilled with this process and we definitely don't want to deal with transferring all that stuff to Mass.

It looks like everything is coming together...

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