Friday, May 16, 2008

This Old House

Well, our trip to Boston was successful. We found a place. It's actually the first place we saw back in February. It's a BIG OLD house and available through the university's rental agency. It's not in a stellar town but a cute neighborhood and Mary can walk to work. The house is also on the historic register and we got an entire story on it so that is kind of cool. We have the inspection on our house later today so hopefully all will go smoothly with that.

Luckily, my friend M watched Camer so he was not in tow. THANK YOU! I took some pics' of the house so I was able to show him though I regretted not taking a picture of the playground that is within easy walking distance. When we got home, he was all, "I need to go to my new house". Needless to say, hopefully he kind of forgets about it soon because a month is like a year in a 3 year old's mind.

I'm SO happy that we'll be back in Mass. People are SO much more friendly. We ended up going back to the house because we forgot to measure the front door (to make sure the piano would fit through it). Anywho, the woman across the street came right over and was all excited that we were going to be moving in and offered up a bunch of information on the area. It was nice to know we'll have friendly neighbors.

We definitely didn't have any neighbors introducing themselves when we moved to Maine. We did the introducing and it was and it is still somewhat awkward with most neighbors. Even waving to people seems unkosher around this area. Hello, it's just a neighborly thing to do. Needless to say, I'm happy to say goodbye to the reserved Mainers.


Trace said...

That's GREAT!! I love old "character" houses!

Stacey said...

Sounds great, especially with the friendly neighbours. That is so important and really makes your home much nicer. :) Can we see pics of the new place? :)