Monday, May 5, 2008

A Rainy but Good Weekend

Except for the weather getting progressively worse throughout it, it was a good weekend here. Friday, Mary took a 1/2 day. I'm trying to get her to take Fridays off for the Spring/Summer. I let her get away with a 1/2 day since her students had finals due or something. Anywho, we met in the afternoon to take Chloe for a walk at a nearby hiking trail. Then we hit the Olive Garden for what I call our "lunch on the cheap"; soup and salad (and of course the yummy bread sticks).

Saturday I had a bunch of errands to run so Mary watched Cameron during most of the a.m. We had our friends T, P, and their son Q over in the afternoon for what was supposed to be a cook out. We did manage to use the grill but the weather was too chilly (and lightly raining) to be outside. Anywho, it was fun to have some social time. We have few friends here so those times are rare and I got a major kick out of Q. O.K., maybe I got a major kick out of somebody else's kid being out of control and mine not. Cameron was being very well behaved and well Q is HYPER. He turns 3 this week and I'm aware that all 2-3 year olds are hyper. But this kid is seriously HYPER. It's also just funny because T is a professor and P is a teacher and they're both on the older side. I'd just expect them to have this subdued nerdy child but Q is a total nut.

Since Cameron was being so good, we let him stay up with us to watch E.T. I was worried he was going to be afraid of E.T. A little bit into it I said, "E.T. is so cute" and he said, "yeah, that turtle is so cute". LOL. Well, I guess he wasn't scared since he thought E.T. was a cute turtle.

Sunday, we had a lazy morning. The weather was yucky and rainy. We were ready to put Camer down for his nap when Mary decided that she was so bored that we should go down to Portland. We figured he could nap on the way down. However, I recently switched him to a booster seat which we figured out is not very conducive to falling asleep. He did finally manage to sleep for almost a full hour.

Anywho, we drove around downtown Portland for a little bit. Mary's had an idea that if we don't sell the house this year, we'll get an apartment in downtown Portland. She calls it a "pied a terre". I think she just likes saying "pied a terre" because she can't stop saying it. We both want to sell the house but we're not going to take a major loss and we don't want to deal with renting it out. So it's an idea to get an apartment 1/2 way (we could afford to do both the apartment and our mortgage) so Mary won't have such a crazy commute to Boston and I can get my city fix.

After tooling around Portland, we headed to Chuck E. Cheese which of course was a mad house. Luckily, Cameron left pretty easily after only a short time since we decided to head to the mall. Of course, the mall exit didn't go so well and he was dragged out. One out of two ain't bed. We then managed to hit Babies R Us and have dinner before heading home. We got home pretty late and amazingly Cameron is still sleeping at 7 a.m. Miss Insomnia here has been awake since 4.

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