Monday, May 12, 2008

Big Boy

So I've been super proud of Camer since for a week now I've handed him his clothes and he's gotten everything on by HIMSELF. And put it on the right way...while he sings "tag in the back". For one, it's a huge developmental leap since his dexterity has still been a little bit off and well, it will be easier for me to only get the baby dressed and not him as well. Anywho, this weekend he decided to take it upon himself to get himself dressed while mom and mommy were still in bed. Of course, I've gotten super excited each time he's dressed himself so he thinks, hey, this is great, I got myself dressed. But ummm, 3 year olds can't pick out their own outfits and yesterday he decided to get stuff from his hamper (dirty clothes AND dirty underwear). I did feel bad when I had to tell him that he needed to get different clothes since he comes to me with a huge smile on his face saying, "I did an excellent job".

This morning, we were able to compromise since he firmly stated "I am not taking these pants off". He had picked out his own underwear and pants (at least they were clean) so I found a shirt to go with them. I guess I should start setting his outfits out the night before.

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