Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Long Day

Phew, my day is over. Mary left early in the morning since she was headed up to Canada for the day. We had our birthing class last night so Cameron didn't get to bed until 9. Usually there is no correlation with staying up late and his wake up time (the wake up time is always the same, around the time the sun comes out). I woke up at almost 8 and freaked out that I hadn't heard him get up then I realized he was actually still sleeping. He actually slept until almost 8:30. Wow! He hasn't been sleeping good lately and he's been waking up earlier because of the sun coming up earlier so I guess he was catching up.

Mary told me just to bring him to daycare but I just wasn't feeling the hour round trip to get him there and I was feeling kind of bad that he hasn't been home for an entire day in a while. His last week of pre-school/daycare is next week so I've been milking it. After that, he'll officially be home, at least until he maybe starts a pre-K program in September.

We did have a fun day watching cartoons, coloring, and spending time on Sesame Workshop. We haven't been on there in a while, we used to go on every day. They have great educational games for little ones and (along with m&ms) I owe his potty training to Elmo and the potty game on there.

Mary called to say she'll be home soon so I guess we'll start watching American Idol finale. David or David? My guess is "young David".

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