Monday, May 19, 2008

Weekend Adventures

The media is filled with stories that the economy is down. Yet every time I go to a store around here or when we go to the mall, things are packed. I'm not sure if it's just that most of northern Maine shops in this area or oh yeah, the media always makes things seem worse than they actually are.

Anywho, we did the mall thing on yet another rainy Saturday. Why is it always raining on the weekends? Needless to say, Mary needed some makeup and Cameron got a haircut and some new sneakers. The kid is in a major growth spurt. I had just bought him sneakers last month and he's already jumped a size.

Yesterday, Mary brought Cameron to visit HB. As of right now, I don't want to deal with the stress and chaos of visits and well, quite frankly, I have absolutely no desire to see HB. I wasn't thrilled about the visit thing in general but I've pretty much just thrown my hands up in the air. And we sort of agreed that it would be done either this weekend or not until after the baby was born since we have way too much going on. At least it gave me a little Sunday break.

I didn't hear much about the visit since when they got home, Q was coming over. Since T & P are watching Camer during our birthing classes, we are basically forcing them into having us babysit Q once/week in return. I'm not sure they totally need the babysitting resource since they have family in this area and they are older parents. Older parents seem to have less of a desire to go out or whatnot. But it was the deal we came to since I didn't want to leave Camer there once/week and not do anything in return. Plus, it's nice since Camer and Q seem to enjoy playing together.

Q is a funny little guy. So LITTLE, he's 3 but very small. Him and Camer had a lot of fun playing and Q was highly entertained with Chloe. Mary has still been wanting to give her to Jill so of course I had to make note of how good she is with little kids. Though I think by the end of the evening, poor Chloe was thinking, "can you please get that kid out of here?" since he just wouldn't leave her alone. Camer got a little crazy by the end since of course the HB visit was right during his nap time. Oy. Whatever, I am not saying anything.

Oh well, when Q left and Camer was in bed, we watched Juno. So funny. I think the most legendary line had to have been, "I just want to give my kid to some poor woman with a bum ovary or some nice lesbos". LMAO! I was entertained and I liked the way it turned out. Afterwards, we watched Tudors, it seems to get crazier every week.

We DVR'd Desperate Housewives to watch tonight since it was going to be on until 11. We're old ladies that can't stay up that late. Mary's friend's twins (the ones with the horrible names) are playing Teri Hatcher's baby. We were joking that the only celebrities we know are 3 months old. I guess one of the benefits of having twins in L.A. - starting their college fund early.

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