Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Picnics and Baby Stuff

The weather has been lovely this week. Though I think it all ends tomorrow when more rain arrives. Needless to say, Mary took a short day and we all went for a picnic after Camer's therapy yesterday. With the snow melt and all the rain we've had, there's been some serious flooding just north of here. We've been spaired but the river that runs through this area is looking pretty scary.

I also decided (or made the mistake) of bringing Chloe. I'm trying to be more active in socializing her. However, she HATES being on a leash and just barks at everything and everyone. She's very sweet and would never bite anybody but she definitely seems like a rabid beast when she's barking all crazy.

The other day I picked up a swing and a pack-n-play/bassinet. I figure we'll need a pack-n-play at some point and since it has a bassinet option with it, that will be ideal for baby to sleep in at first. Anywho, Target had a great sale and I also got a coupon in the mail for a free $20 gift card if I made a registry. So I made a fake registry :-) They made it way too easy since they have this "Jumpstart option". Anywho, I've become quite the bargain baby shopper and I was proud to have saved about $80. Of course, I'm sure I'll make up for it by getting even more baby outfits ;-)

I had Mary set up the swing so Cameron could get used to having it around...or rather get used to not touching it. Of course, yesterday morning I decided to move it upstairs since I had to take a shower and didn't trust him alone with it. After I explained that it was for baby and that he couldn't touch it. We do "ooh aahs", those are things you can look at and say "ooh aah" but you can't touch. He wasn't understanding since well, it's a swing and I got, "can I push baby in it?" "No, it goes itself." Then, "Well, can I touch this button?" "No, you can't touch any of it." Needless to say, I'm glad we set it up 2 months early.

Mary, being crazy decided to also set up the pack-n-play/bassinet. She was all, we need time to get used it. LOL. I think she was just into setting things up and it looks like it can easily be folded up and sent to the storage unit. It's a bit large but it should work.

It's exciting to finally have baby stuff. Up until recently, we've had nothing and I was beginning to freak out. Now, we have stuff and I'm freaking out because we are REALLY having a baby. Aaaaaaaah! ;-)

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