Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Weekend and Some FINALLYs

The weather FINALLY broke on Sunday and we saw the sun for the first time in a full week. Seriously, it was becoming very depressing. Sunday we enjoyed the nice weather, played outside, and grilled some food for dinner.

Yesterday we had a nice Memorial Day though the closest we came to a parade was being stuck behind one on our way over to the mid-coast. We went over to a small beach and then to Camden to tool around. Of course, I brought a jacket for Camer but nothing for myself or Mary. When you have kids, you definitely become selfless. I'm always well prepared with snacks, drinks, and various clothing for Cameron but nothing for myself. Anywho, it was quite windy and the weather hadn't warmed up yet so it was a bit miserable for Mary and I who were in short sleeves.

Mary decided to bundle HERSELF in the one big towel we brought

But Cameron had a blast and I sucked it up to play in the sand and make sand turtles. I don't make sand castles, I make sand turtles :-)

Of course, the token side profile pic

Our favorite Maine town - Camden

When we got home, Q came over for our weekly "trade off". I am jealous since ours is only for our birth class. Hmph! The boys had a blast playing, they get along really well and Q is someone to entertain Cameron so it does works out well. Chloe remembered him from last time and literally hid upstairs the entire time he was over. This is so not Chloe as she's always with the people. Apparently, she wasn't into being a pony. LOL.

Update on our move: We FINALLY got word late in the week regarding the buyer's inspection and everything is good to go. So we signed a lease for the place in Boston and scheduled our movers for June 18. I can't believe we are really moving! We've already started packing a few things and I'm definitely looking forward to being able to set up the baby's nursery :-) Plus, his clothes are taking over MY closet ;-)

Update on Cam's adoption: We FINALLY have an official court date of June 11. We had it scheduled in hopes that our background checks would be back. Luckily, they both came in. I was beginning to freak because we thought they had lost mine since it was a 2 week difference from when Mary's came in.

So it looks like we'll adopt a kid, a week later sell our house and move, and who knows, I'll be "full term" the next week so maybe we'll have a baby the following week. Oh lordie.


Trace said...

Busy busy busy! I hope I look half as cute when I'm pregnant.

Candice said...

Awww, thanks! :-)

Stacey said...

What a nice weekend. Congratulations on the adoption date, move and new lease. :) And I agree, you are cute pregnant. You all look very happy, even if you were freezing cold. :)