Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Still Pregnant

I had a stress test today that showed the baby was doing well with a normal heart rate. It also detected a contraction which was kind of neat since I thought I was having one but I'm never sure since well, I've never had a baby. Of course, it's not labor but it was still nice to see something happening. The test was reassuring and afterwards we went to a cafe that Mary's become obsessed with. It's pretty traditional European and has great coffee and croissants. It's been SO nice having my mom around since she's been able to easily watch Cameron while we go to our appointments.

We also ended up both getting our "new mom gifts" today from each other. I got an awesome video camera...at least I think it's awesome, I still have to figure out how to use it. So maybe I will get the boy's birth on tape. Though I'm not sure I want all the gory bits on tape, maybe from my view or from the side.

And after much searching, Mary got a hammock. She's been obsessed with getting one forever and kept mentioning one as a "new mom" gift. Kind of random but whatever, she wanted one and I finally found one. Of course, my plan was to set it up for her but at my huge pregnant state and needing someone at the store just to get the box in the car, she had to set it up herself.

There was also a stop at Whole Foods (natural grocery store) for what I call the past due date prego women's shopping:

Clary Sage Oil
Castor Oil
Ice Cream


LOL - I'm not so sure about the Castor Oil but I will be doing a bit of the Clary Sage to hopefully help things along. I'd still like to go naturally and this week so I figured it's worth a shot.


Trace said...

Hmmm, clary sage? I'm aware of castor oil and its, um, merits.

Anonymous said...

I used castor oil many years ago to get things started and it worked the same day. My daughter, whose baby was born at home, used a small amount and it got things started, but sort of irritated the uterus and her labor was 2 days long. If you take it, be sure to ask the midwives for the proper dose. It cleans you out too, obviously, and that is helpful in the long run. :) ha! Enjoy the excitement ! Happy birth! Jan

Stacey said...

Glad to hear the baby's doing well. I'd be careful with the castor oil too because sometimes it only upsets your tummy and that's it. I guess it's supposed to irritate the bowels and get them contracting so that they make the uterus contract too since they surround it. Yay! :P

Candice said...

yeah, I'm hesitant to try out the castor oil. knowing me, i'll be on the toilet all night and still no labor. yuck. :-\