Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Cervix and Many Visitors

Another appointment today where I had an actual examination. Though I was not supposed to have one until my actual due date, the midwife was worried he was breach. But he is not. I'm really not sure how they tell. He's definitely been making some crazy movements and when she suggested that he might be breached, I thought for sure he was. She also said that absolutely nothing is happening with my cervix which was disappointing. So I continue to be pregnant and uncomfortable. The fact that it's super hot and humid here does not help. I don't know how women have babies in August and September.

Since my mom is here, after the appointment Mary and I were able to head into Boston. We walked around and went through Faneuil Hall and then had lunch by the water. Though I have felt bad having my mom do much. I was also angry since I hadn't slept much in the night, I went back to bed in the morning since I thought Mary was taking care of Cameron. Well, I wake up to see that Mary had just been in the office the entire morning. I really don't like taking advantage of my mom in general, never mind when she has cancer. She is also the type of person that will never complain about anything but I can tell she's generally tired so even though she's a busy body, I've been trying to have her do minimal stuff around the house.

It's definitely been nice having my mom around. The only thing I can complain about is the rush of people to see her. I was overwhelmed yesterday since my dad called to let me know that him and my older brother were on their way for a visit. I was on my way to bring Mary to the subway station and then suddenly had to coordinate lunch for everyone. Then my aunt calls tonight saying she'll be coming over for a visit tomorrow. Well, Mary has been doing most of the cleaning in the house which of course has been helpful and I super appreciate. But my love bugs grew up with a maid so her cleaning skills aren't exactly stellar. I'm a bit of a perfectionist and my aunt is a TOTAL perfectionist so I am nervous about her visit. She's also allergic to cats and we're in a major shedding time around here. Oh well, hopefully it will go well and fingers crossed that I'll sleep the entire night and wake up with energy to do a major scrub down of the house. And of course I can't complain too much about visitors since we had nobody in Maine. I just wish people would hold off until the baby is born.


Stacey said...

Sorry there isn't much happening but you know that stuff can change over night. Besides, nothing was happening with mine when my water broke. I needed meds to induce. :P

Trace said...

Good luck with it all! What kind of aunt critizes the VERY pregnant girl who is about to pop any minute?

Candice said...

She would never critisize - I am seriously the precious niece in a family of all boys (my sister gets shafted since she's older and non sociable). Aside from my aunt's perfectionist nature I was mostly worried about her allergy to cats when we have 3 during major shedding season. But when she was here, no allergy attacks so it looks like I did a good cleaning job ;-)