Monday, July 28, 2008


My brother Seamus is gone. Thank god. I guess it was nice of him to visit but it seemed more like him taking a vacation from his wife than wanting to see the baby. Most of the time, he was dragging my mom around to different places he likes to go in the area. I mentioned this to my mom who said, "oh, well he thought you'd be able to go out with him". I just had a baby 3 days ago.

Of course, one of his first comments was "it looks like you still have a baby in your belly". Then of course he talked about how his wife was up and about right after she had their son. Ummm, I'm a totally different person that had a totally different labor.

I didn't really factor in my recovery but I did try to sway him from visiting so early since when he booked the flight, I wasn't even sure we'd have a baby by the time he got here. I also thought Mary would say "no" and she was all, "oh, whatever, people want to see the baby." Where is my wife and what did you do with her? She usually ends up arguing with my brother who like my dad, thinks he's in expert on everything. Oh well, he's impulsive and is definitely the "baby" of the family. Sometimes I wonder how my siblings and I are even related.

He also commented on how Owen wasn't an Irish name. I'm like, that's not what we were really going for. On a side note, Owen's name was a mutual agreement. As "Rachel" noted it goes well with Cameron which I thought was a factor in picking out a name. Even though we didn't choose Cameron, it's still one of our sons names so I couldn't be like "these are my kids, Cameron and Zed" (one of the names that Mary wanted). George is after Mary's dad. She really wanted George in the name and Owen really flowed with that. Mary, of coure, now says I named Owen since I pushed for it since it was pretty much the only name we both liked. Anywho, I love my baby and his name :-)


Stacey said...

OMG out and about after 3 days? I don't know who could do that! I remember recovery being one of the hardest parts--I wasn't prepared for how uncomfortable I'd be. And even after more than 3 days, I couldn't be on my feet all day or I'd feel discomfort.

Owen is a nice name. Naming the baby is the hardest part.

Candice said...

I definitely wasn't prepared for the recovery. I really just thought I'd have some bleeding and be a little tired. Who knew? Oy.

Naming a kid really is difficult. It's scary to give a child something they'll have FOREVER within the first few hours of their life or before they're even born. Owen didn't have a name for the first 5 hours of his life. Finally, I said to Mary he needed to have a name so I could start calling people :-)

Trace said...

It sounds like you guys are doing great! That's a sweet picture you added at the top of your sidebar.

Blue Pearl said...

There's no mistaking Seamus for your brother. The resemblance is striking. Beautiful baby boy. I like your new sidebar photo w/ the boys, but where is Mary?

Hysterical story about your brother wanting you to go out w/ him.

Hope your recovery is going well. Glad your mom is there to help w/ Cameron.

Candice said...

LOL - Mary is glad that someone noticed she wasn't in the sidebar pic. We still haven't gotten around to have someone take a pic of all of us.