Monday, July 7, 2008

*maybe* One Week to Go

Oh yes, my ticker. One week until my due date!!! Aaaaaaaaaah!!! As suggested in Hypnobirthing, I'm trying not to put too much focus on my due date. Though it's probably more the fact that my new practice doesn't induce until 42 WEEKS. Are you serious? WTF?!? I didn't think anybody let you go that far these days.

Of course, every day I think labor is coming. Yesterday I was feeling so sick that I thought it was a labor sign. In retrospect I think it was just the baby making me nauseous as sometimes his movements do and now that he's a big boy, his movements have more of an effect. Hopefully he'll be moving those legs and arms outside of the belly soon. He's definitely quite an active baby.

My mom comes in tomorrow afternoon so that will be a huge relief. We've had a few people on emergency standy by but I'll definitely feel better knowing that someone will be here to be with Cameron. There's been a few INSANE people that have suggested that we could just bring him to the birth. Ummm, he's 3 so I think it would be inappropriate to have him at a birth to begin with. He's also in a stage where I can barely take him to Target without having a breakdown. Then there's the entire I've never birthed so I don't know how I'll be. I hurt my leg the other day and let out a scream and well, Cameron's face dropped and he nearly started to cry. So yeah, I don't think having the little guy at the birth would be the best idea. He's had enough trauma in his life.

So anywho, I'm excited for mama to be here. She can't help a lot physically since she's recovering from both a masectomy and a second surgery to remove the extender (put in to later rebuild the breast) that her body rejected. But just having her around will be nice and Cameron's totally obsessed with her so he's thrilled.

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Katharine Graves said...

I'm sure they told you in your HypnoBirthing class that 85% of babies arrive after this mysthical 'due date' so to expect yours on that day is unrealistic. I'm sure they also told you that it's not up to anyone else how long they 'let you go'. You're the one who makes the decisions, taking medical advice seriously into account once you are fully informed of all the options and the reasons for and against. There always are alternatives, and there always are pros and cons.

There's a group of midwives in London called the Albany Midwives (you might like to google them and look at their website. It's very interesting.) One of the things they do is they don't have 'due dates'. Instead they have a best before date which is at 42 weeks, which is much more sensible and takes all the stress out of passing the 'due date'.

Every good wish

Katharine Graves

Katharine Graves is a HypnoBirthing teacher in London