Friday, July 11, 2008

Family Day

Aside from Cameron and Chloe, we had a nice visit with my aunts Katie & Maureen and cousins. Aunt Maureen is the random younger one so her kids are all much younger (8, 12, 15). I did feel bad for her youngest Griffin who was all excited to play with Cameron and Chloe, neither who wanted anything to do with him.

Cameron woke up at 5 a.m. so he was done when everyone got here. I hate when that happens. Aside from it being embarrassing, he was very excited for the visit but couldn’t keep it together. There is no cure for tiredness other than sleep. So within an hour of their arrival and after throwing a poo shoe (yes, a shoe covered in dog poo) at Mary, he was in his room for a time out which turned into a 4 hour nap. And Chloe who’s normally a little shy was freaking out at the number of people and Griffin’s general obsession with her. Overall, we all had a nice time and I know my mom enjoyed seeing her sisters.

This afternoon, I updated my Ipod with a “birthing mix”. I enjoyed my hypnobirthing class and though it was mostly perfect for me. However, the class comes with this “Rainbow Relaxation” CD which just drives me crazy. I don’t know if it’s the woman’s voice or what but it does NOT relax me. Mary’s also become addicted it and we have to listen to it EVERY night...sometimes twice if she doesn’t fall asleep the first time around. Oy vey.

Anywho, I have what I think will really relax me during my labor - a combo of Enya, various CDs I use for massage and some chanting artists (i.e. Wah!, Krishna Das).

The crew...


Trace said...

I have guided meditations on my mp3 player that I listen to sometimes if I can't fall asleep. I don't force Sweetness to listen to it though ;-) I use headphones.

Glad you had a nice visit w/your family! Sorry about the poo shoe incident.

Candice said...

Right, to her credit I did initially force her into listening to it to help us prepare for birthing. But I hate it and she loves it. Some how our CD player can no longer be plugged in though ;-)

I am just happy the poo shoe didn't happen to me, Cameron should also be happy about that because my hormonal a** may not have handled it as nicely as Mary.