Monday, July 14, 2008

The *Dreaded* Due Date

So the due date has arrived. I was hoping he'd be here by now so that I wouldn't deal with the increase of anxiety and of course everyone asking when I'm having the baby.

I had an appointment today and an extremely painful internal exam. Of course, pretty much nothing is happening with my cervix. I definitely wish I didn't go with midwives at a hospital and this particular small hospital. It seems I'm only getting the disadvantages of having midwives and the disadvantages of being at a hospital (opposed to a birthing center). I wait a long time for my appointments, they spend little time with me but then they want to wait for things to naturally happen. It's quite annoying.

Needless to say, after begging to get something closer to 41 weeks (opposed to the 42 they want you to wait), the plan right now is to start induction next Monday night. That's when they'll apply Cervadil to "ripen" my cervix and then I'll start Pitocin on Tuesday morning. However, the appointment is tentative that they have room at the hospital and don't have anyone that is higher need (has complications or whatever). So I'll call Monday afternoon to see if I can go in. Oh, I'm not sure my nerves can handle this process.

I did convince them to do stress testing this week so I'll go in for that tomorrow morning. I'll also have an ultrasound on Thursday for some "biophysical" profile. So at least I'm getting baby checked which will be reassuring. Otherwise, they're plan was just to wait and go for an appointment in a week like I have been. Then of course I have my mother here who is making me mental. She had a stillborn that went late so she gets all freaked out about anyone going even a day late.

She's passed her fears on to my brother who's wife was able to get an induction on her due date. So he was all freaked out that they were going to let me go so late and told me I shouldn't be seeing "witch doctors". Oh boy. Of course, I keep trying to tell everyone that it's pretty common for first pregnancies to go late. However, I am NOT willing to go to 42 weeks. It's just way too long and I'm way too uncomfortable.

Mary's also going to be away for the first 2 weeks of August so I was hoping she'd have some more bonding time with the baby. It's a frustrating process. Of course, it makes me think back to the actual getting pregnant part and wishing my body would just do what it needs to do without all the medical intervention. But I think that's just wishful thinking. In the meantime, maybe I'll go check into a hotel by MYSELF and turn my phone off :-)


Stacey said...

Sorry about the wait. As uncomfortable as it may be, I hope things do happen naturally because induction isn't a whole lot of fun either.

Yes, most people go late with their first. Do they listen to the heartbeat at your appointments? That should be reassurring, right?

Moms and moms' friends like to tell you horrifying things. My mom's friend told me that someone died from an epidural. I was all paranoid about it until I found out more and realized it was one death ages ago, before they implemented the rule about never being alone after one. :P

Candice said...

Oh my gosh, I know!!! Even after I tell old ladies that I really don't want to hear the horror stories, they still feel a need to share. My mom is the worst. I am constantly telling her not to tell me things but she likes to share every horrible detail about all 5 births.

Jan said...

Suggestion: Acupuncture. Good luck. All will be well. Try to relax.