Monday, July 28, 2008

One Week with Baby OG

One week with baby Owen or "baby OG" as we call him. I just can't even believe it! Seriously, I just look at the baby and am amazed...and I usually cry. LOL. You just think the baby is never really going to be here and boom, here he is. And he's such a little muffin with his funny faces and silly things he does.

He LOVES having his hands by his face. In every ultrasound pic, his hand would be on his face. And the kid will get his hands and arms out of any swaddle. We got these pre-swaddle things and Mary was all, "this is great because the velcro will keep him nice and secure". Well, within about 30 seconds, the kid had his hand out and touching his face. It cracks me up.

And as far as having a newborn: not so hard. Maybe we're in the honeymoon period or something but Owen's not very fussy. The only time he seems to cry is when he's hungry or when he's messing with Mama Mary ;-) Amazingly, he sleeps for pretty long stretches in the night. The other night I finally woke him up to eat because he had been sleeping for almost 6 hours. Of course, I'm not getting much sleep because I'm neurotic and check to make sure he's alive like every hour. And we had him sleeping in the bed initially so I was worried that I'd roll over on him.

Mary and were commenting that maybe we're accustomed to a lack of sleep and that we've had way worse than a newborn. After all, having 8 hours notice to have 2 foster kids (with night terrors) in the house, now that's difficult. And having a 3 year old and a baby, that's hard. Cameron is in high demand of attention. Most would say it's because we've had a baby but he's been like this for a few months. We are praying it's a phase and are hoping that we can get him being a bit more independent. He just seems to have so much energy lately, it's a bit overwhelming to say the least.

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Stacey said...

For us I think the first days were the hardest because we were already exhausted being up all night before the birth. But there are hard times and I think it comes a bit later if I recall. But it sounds like you have a pretty easy going baby. :)