Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Crazy Camer

I'm FREE. Well, at least for a few hours *hopefully*. I think the only time I've had any freedom in recent time was going shopping (grocery shopping that is) while Mary watched him during his nap on Saturday. Wow. Anywho, Mary took Camer to get ice cream in Harvard Square. They were going to take the bus. He's been obsessed with the "school bus" so he's been in his glory to see the T bus around here.

I have to laugh at Mary, she embodies the "bumbling professor". When I take Cameron out, I have a bag of Cameron "things" - cars, crayons, extra outfit, snacks, water. O.K., maybe I overdo it but Mary doesn't do a purse so she brings absolutely nothing and of course, her getting to the bus was total chaos. Hopefully she doesn't lose the kid. LOL.

As for Cameron and all our recent changes, he's been up and down. I think all the changes have set in and his mind does not know how to process them. So we have many melt downs and sleepless nights. Even the first few days when our furniture was not here (o.k., most of his stuff was here since we wanted him to be comfy), I thought he'd want to sleep in our room but he was all about his new room and he was miraculously sleeping through the night. Now, in the past week, it's been back to nightmares and just random waking up. The other morning he was up at 4 a.m. and didn't go back to sleep. Then there's just been random screaming for things in the middle of the night like water or about going to the potty (which he knows he doesn't need to ask us to do).

Then we have this neighbor who brings his dog over to play with Chloe. Well, Cameron likes the neighbor. Cameron's a hugger though not usually with random people. He hugs him which I haven't been able to explain that we don't just hug random men (or women for that matter). Why can't he be scared of him like he is of most people? Anywho, the neighbor came by yesterday to bring the dog over. Well, the dog didn't want to stay so it ended up leaving with the man. Cameron had a major melt down over them leaving. I'm usually fairly good in dealing with the abandonment issues but the kid crying over everything is making me crazy. This was also after a night that he woke us up several times so not only is he over tired but I am extremely over tired and hormonal. I hope things calm down in that little head of his.

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Stacey said...

Ugh, I can feel your frustration. I hope Cameron settles down about all of the changes soon and you can find your groove again.

wow, not much longer before the baby arrives! I'm so excited for you!