Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 4th!

Our 4th of July was pretty lame. It seemed like any other day for the most part. The weather has been rainy off and on here which was the same for the 4th. We had planned on going into the city to walk around the festivities since Boston does it up for the 4th of July. The weather cancelled that out so instead we opted to shop. LOL. We purchased a rocking chair for the baby's room and a bed for the guest room.

As far as 4th of July festivities, we did grill some food for dinner, I made some red/white/blue pudding parfait (my one "patriotic" thing) and we lit some sparklers. Cameron enjoyed since he got to do lots of his favorite thing - eating.
The child loves to eat! We are happy he's not picky, I'm not sure we will be so lucky with baby boy.

Today, we ended up going to the zoo.

It wasn't the best zoo but it is close by and cheap. They also had lots of kitties *my favorite* :-)

The zoo is one of those great places since Cameron loves animals and so do I. I like when I can really enjoy the kid friendly activities.

I also read that slow long walks can induce labor so I thought the zoo would be a perfect place for that but no labor. I have Mary every 5 minutes telling me she's bored and that I should have the baby. Every time I stand up she asks if I'm in labor. I'm like, don't worry, you'll be the first to know. LOL. Of course, she's all excited since she doesn't have to push out the baby while I'm freaking out at the mere thought of getting this baby out of my belly.

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Stacey said...

Looks like it was a fun holiday, even with the lousy weather.

I just looked at your ticker. OMG not long now!!! (as if you don't know that)

I love the zoo too. It's a great place to walk and hang out. We have memberships because it's close by and we can't wait to take Riley to the splash pad there.