Friday, July 25, 2008

Random Thoughts

We had our welcome home "party" for Baby OG. This was supposed to happen when we came home on Wednesday but I wasn't feeling up to it. Of course, I still wasn't but Cameron asks everyday about the ice cream cake.

So far recovery sucks! There is just not enough time in the day to eat and sleep. There's also the issue of my being anal and wanting things done my way. I was looking at myself in the mirror today and I seriously look like I'm on drugs. My pupils are huge. Aside from the occasional percocet at night, there's no drugs but I definitely feel high. It must be some weird thing that kicks in when you have a baby.

Breastfeeding also sucks! Not because I've had any trouble with my milk coming in or Owen latching on but because everyone is driving me crazy. Mary feels she doesn't get enough time with him because she can't feed him. This was something that we discussed before he was born and before I started BF'ing. Of course, she thought BF'ing was the best thing for him and wanted me to do it. She also enjoys that my boobs have turned into massive milk jugs but then drives me crazy when I try to take the baby from her to feed him. And my mom is worried he's not getting enough food and is a big formula advocate anyways. On a positive note, it's easy to blog while BF'ing. LOL.

As far as Cameron, he's been up and down about the whole baby brother thing. He likes being a "big brother", he just doesn't want a baby in the house. LOL. I think it's mostly typical 3 year old stuff. He did ask for baby brother to go back in my belly. Oh lordie. But luckily my mom's been here so she's been able to provide him a lot of attention. Unfortunately, he completely takes advantage of the fact that she is well, very relaxed compared to us. So he ran her ragged while we
were in the hospital and we've had to catch up with his schedule since he pretty much refused to sleep.

My brother Seamus also got into town last night and will be here until Sunday. I tried to tell him before he booked his ticket to come out later but he was excited about the baby. Unfortunately, though, I'm hobbling around (along with a baby, I also got quite a few stitches) and am not very good company.

Oh well, I can't complain much, at least I have a beautiful and healthy baby.


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Lannette said...

Hi Candice,

You sound exhausted, which is pretty normal for a new mom but certainly no fun. Can you pump some milk for Mary to give Owen by bottle? I used to do this. It actually helped increase my milk supply, allowed Reed to really bond with our sons and gave me a bit of time for myself. In our case it was a true win win.

Beautiful pictures!


Stacey said...

He's adorable.

Sorry about the stress. It's hard enough in the first weeks without it.

Mary should be more understanding about the breastfeeding. It's not about spending time--she can do lots of things with him.

Wow, you're brave having family stay over so soon. ;)

Tricia said...

Breastfeeding sucks..ha, ha, ha, get it???

It does take a while to get in the groove, but after you stop feeling like a cow (sometimes a few months) it gets better, i swear!

I pumped everyday so my partner could give a feeding- it was the first thing she did every day after she got home from work. Soon enough there will be solids and so many other things.

Our main goal was to never use nursing as comfort, of course in the beginning that's hard, but eventually...