Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Seat for Baby

Yesterday afternoon when Mary got home, I went to see Sex in the City. I loved the show and I loved the movie too :-) I'm pretty sure I had never been to a movie by myself and it actually wasn't as strange as I had imagined. I don't mind being alone and I've gotten used to flying solo since babysitting is not cheap or easy to come by. Later, Mary went to see Indiana Jones so we went to the movies just not together. Kind of silly but whatever, we have totally different movie tastes and I was just figuring out that we have not been out since it's just been Cameron, aside from hypnobirthing class and the occasional daytime lunch date.

Cameron's only been home full time for 3 days and already I'm totally exhausted. I'm hoping it's not a preview to the next year of my life and more the fact that I'm a tired pregnant woman and he's in a brat phase. Yesterday was his last day of play therapy. Woohoo! I'm glad we continued it after HB left because it's been helpful with the baby stuff but I am so happy to not have a standing appointment once/week. Since we became foster parents, our lives have been appointments, appointments, and appointments. And as I've joked, I didn't expect my children to be in therapy until they could drive themselves there.

Mary worked from home today so we went for bagels in the morning and did a few errands. We purchased a car seat/stroller system.

(I feel like the one we bought has more green but it is the Chicco Key Fit Travel System)

We still need to get a crib and changing table but we'll wait until we're in Boston to get those. Plus I just can't decide what exactly I want! As it was, the car seat decision was difficult - one involving consumer reports, safety ratings, and of course style :-)

I felt like we should have the car seat in case, you know, I suddenly had the baby. I keep feeling like he'll come early but maybe it's somewhat wishful thinking. Of course, I want him to come early without any medical complications but I'm at that point where I feel as though he may just drop out at any minute. But I guess it's the fact that he's growing SO much. It's crazy how much the baby grows in the last weeks. The baby is gaining something like a pound a week and so am I which is equally disturbing.

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