Monday, June 30, 2008

Our home is lovely but my internet connection sucks!

I'm usually a fairly diligent poster. Lately, however, it seems every time I've sat down to do a post, it ends up not happening. Aside from just being busy lately, we have a total crap internet connection. We decided to go with some "air card" through a cell phone company. It was easy to set up and the concept is neat since you can use it on the laptop essentially anywhere. However, I'm always on the desktop and it just doesn't get a good connection. I feel like I have dial-up.

Anywho, our friends Alison and Scott came over for lunch on Sunday. I made quiche which went over really well. Mary had me all freaked out since even though we love quiche and eat it quite a bit, I had never actually made one on my own.

But lets see, other than quiche, we've exhausted ourselves with finishing most of the house. Alison even commented that they couldn't believe how lived in our house looked like and that they still had boxes in their apartment that they moved into months ago. Of course, there's my high energy wife that won't let things sit and of course we knew there wouldn't be much time to work on the house once the baby arrived.

Here's some pics' of our family room...

where Camer's favorite thing lives - the t.v.!

we have LOTS of built-ins

I'll post pics' of some of the other rooms another time since it takes me forever to upload pictures. Damn this internet connection!


Trace said...

It looks great!!

Stacey said...

it looks wonderful! love your couch! can't wait to see more pics. we are the same way and have to unpack quickly and get things done. we don't like living in mess/chaos.