Monday, June 9, 2008

A Massachusetts Baby

I finally made an appointment with a new midwife. I have been procrastinating in making any appointments but luckily it was a fairly easy process. I'll see her at the end of next week when our move is complete. I'm not sure if I've mentioned it on here but we've decided to transfer care to Massachusetts instead of our original plan to move things to southern Maine.

We'll have to pay some out of pocket expenses because of our health insurance situation but we feel a lot better about it. Not only will we be about 20 minutes from the hospital (opposed to over 2 hours and possibly in the midst of southern Maine tourist traffic) but we feel much more legally sound in Massachusetts. Mary can even be on the birth certificate which is a nice bonus.

Mary sort of freaked out a few weeks ago when she called with a question about a bill we received for one of my appointments. Our insurance covers everything so the question was basically, why are we being billed? Needless to say, they wouldn't give Mary any information because she's "not a spouse". Not only is she the one that pays the bills but she's the primary holder on the health insurance. Since she wasn't even asking for any medical information, it kind of freaked us out. We feel totally respected at our current midwife office but who knows who we'd be dealing with when we actually were having the baby and not being recognized in Maine as a married couple could be a hinderance.

Since the production of this baby hasn't exactly been cheap, what's another few thousand for some peace of mind and a beautiful Massachusetts legal situation :-)

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