Friday, June 13, 2008

Just Send an Email!

This may be slightly repetitive of my last post but I felt the need to vent...

I feel I'd rather do pretty much all correspondence via email. It's just easier. There's the convenience of emailing whenever and of not needing to write appointments down since they're right there in an email. And when you have a 3 year old at home, it's not exactly easy to be on the telephone. Today, I went back and forth with both a pre-school and my doctor's office.

The most annoying part of the doctor's office was their answering service. Answering services suck! I would prefer to leave a voicemail than play the telephone game with someone who's completely clueless. Needless to say, I thought I had everything settled until another woman in the office left me a message that she needed more information but she was leaving the office that instant and wouldn't be back until Monday. I really wish she had let me know what info she needed so I could have at least left her a message instead of having to reach her on Monday.

Then we had the pre-school dilemma. My correspondence with one pre-school started via email which is easiest to make an inquiry. Of course, I was emailed back that it was filling up quickly and to call to schedule a time to meet and see the place. Of course when I called I got a voicemail and one of those mysterious ones that only recites the number your calling. It was also a scary man's voice so I wasn't sure if I was even calling a pre-school. In my message, I said the earliest I could meet was Thursday afternoon or Friday morning so let me know what worked for those days. I thought when she called back, if she got my v/mail, she could let me know a time and I could confirm. Nope, I just get, I'm leaving the office right now but I'll be in later. What does later mean? Of course, when I called back I got the mysterious v/mail once again though I thought it was pointless to leave a message since I thought I'd sound b*tchy repeating my last message.

Needless to say, it was a frustrating day and Cameron wasn't exactly on stellar behavior. I was hit multiple times and at one point had a stick thrown at me. Lovely. I also expected Mary to be back around 3 and she wasn't back until 6. By this time, Cameron had behaved so badly that he was sent to his room until dinner. I thought I relayed this to Mary then the next minute she's in his room rocking him in his rocking chair. I'm like, "Mary, you just completely undermined me, he's supposed to be in trouble". She's like, "Oh, I didn't know, I thought his time out was over". AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!

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