Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mess of a Routine

This week it's operation "Get Cameron BACK on Schedule!" We normally stick to a very regular routine/schedule and it's been totally thrown off with the move. The move and scattered schedule have definitely resulted in us having a very crazy 3 year old on our hands. We also invested in those light blocking drapes for his room since even though he has ended up going to bed much later, he's been up at the crack of dawn. We thought there would be less light in his new room since there's less windows but that doesn't seem to be the case. At least the new drapes seem to do the trick. So we have done pretty good this week with sticking to our normal schedule.

Unfortunately, I made plans to go to my aunt's tomorrow at 12 (since that's what worked for her). Cameron's normal nap time is 1 so this could be dangerous. Another aunt and my god mother are going too so I'm going to try to stay as long as possible. This is the first time they're meeting him so I am praying he is on good behavior and doesn't have any melt downs.

Anywho, this morning we went to see a potential pre-school. Sort of by default, he's going to end up there. Most others don't have availability or they're ridiculously priced. I was really hoping for something cleaner and more organized than his previous one but this is some how even messier and even more unorganized. The woman kept saying they're in "Summer mode" so maybe it's normally a little more organized? I hope. However, the people all seemed super nice and there is currently another 2 mom family. It's a co-op style so one of us (most likely Mary since I'll have the baby) have to do the day there 1-2 times/month. Mary actually thought this was nice since we'll get to know the other kids and parents. I thought it should be a lot cheaper if we have to work there. LOL. It's 8:30-1 and we'll send him 4 days/week. I'm not sure how much he'll learn but I think it will be a nice social outlet for him and a break for me. Of course, he won't start until September. Maybe I'll start counting down the days ;-)

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Blue Pearl said...

Come back! I just discovered your blog and now you've disappeared!