Saturday, June 7, 2008

Cloudy Days

Ugh, the weather has been pulling me down. We have been stuck in the house for most of the week. We did go to the playground after play therapy the other day but otherwise the weather has been cloudy and rainy so we've been stuck in. Not exactly what I planned when I thought of keeping Cam home starting in June. We were hoping for good weather today because we really want to get over to Bar Harbor and Acadia Nat'l Park before we move. But again, it's a gray nasty day.

Yesterday afternoon, we all went to see Kung Fu Panda. I thought it was kind of dumb but Mary and Cameron thoroughly enjoyed it. I bought Cameron the book and "Tigress" stuffed animal earlier in the week so of course it also went to the movies. For the first 20 minutes, all I heard in a little whispery voice was "that's my tiger" in response to the movie. LOL. It was pretty funny because Mary and I were way too excited that a kid's movie was out. Cameron's great at the movies, probably because we let him eat popcorn and twizzlers and it's something we can all enjoy.

Have I mentioned that I can't wait until the move is over? The house is totally dishoveled and I feel bad for Mary because she is doing all the packing. I am organizing some things but otherwise she's doing all the heavy lifting. She has also been a good girl and pretty much sticking to our agreement of being home around 3:00. That was our agreement since it's the summer (she's a professor so just doing some research right now) and she can work shorter days though I doubted it was going to actually happen. Good wifey :-) Of course, I'll be cursing her out next week since she's supposed to be over at the coast for most of it.

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