Friday, June 20, 2008

Moving and Having a Baby

It's been a crazy week. We headed down on Sunday with 2 car loads of stuff though 1 car was filled with the kid and the animals. Of course, my lovely wife was in charge of driving that one. LOL. Hey, I'm already uncomfortably pregnant, I don't need a mental breakdown due to a screaming kid, 3 screaming cats, and a neurotic dog. :-)

Mary headed back up to Maine on Monday night to coordinate the movers on Tuesday. Thursday our furniture finally arrived - and not soon enough. The night before was my breaking point for sleeping on a blow up mattress. I'm VERY happy to have our furniture though of course, the house is in much disarray. The kitchen seems to be the most difficult as our cabinet space has been cut down dramatically.

Today, I met my new midwife. The hospital doesn't seem stellar but I think it will do. I had gone back and forth with a birthing center and this particular hospital. I'm just going to pray that I don't go into hard labor during rush hour since it's a pretty crazy location to get to. Afterwards, Mary and I went to Babies R Us. She kept wanting to go this week though I wasn't sure why. We have bought a few things there but we usually just end up browsing or what not. Well, apparently she wanted to do an entire shopping spree and let me get just about everything off my registry. I was excited :-)

We went to town and bought quite a few things so I think we are totally ready for baby. Mary's mom also gifted us the crib and changing table and those are on the way. It's nice feeling more prepared and like we are really having a baby. The reality that I'm REALLY having a baby hit me today. It's been a long wait and I just can't believe I'm having a baby soon. It's crazy and amazing and just mind blowing all at the same time. Words cannot describe it.

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