Monday, June 9, 2008

Hot as Heck

So after I wrote my post the other day, the weather actually improved. It was too late to go to Bar Harbor but we were able to walk around our "downtown" in the afternoon and have dinner outside. Not bad. Then on Sunday, it was 90 degrees. Geesh! I can't complain because it's better than the rain and nastiness but some transition would've been nice. From 60s and rainy to 90. At least the nights are cool though aside from our downstairs, our house feels like a fire pit.

We weren't able to do much on Sunday since Mary was giving the keynote speech at a local high school graduation. We found this highly amusing that she was asked to do this. Mary was also amused by the fact that I was WAY more nervous than she was. I mean, public speaking totally freaks me out and Mary was way too relaxed about it. She didn't even start writing her speech until Saturday and then finished it Sunday morning. She also went out to buy something to wear to it less than 2 hours before the thing. Oh lordie, how we are opposite. I skipped massage class the one day we had to give "presentations" because I was just too nervous about the entire thing. Keep in mind, I was in a class of TEN. LOL.

Anywho, most of the days this week Mary will be on the coast doing research for her fishing study. Since she'll not only be somewhere in the ocean, she'll be about 2-3 hours away once on land. So I asked her for T & P's phone number. You know, I am 35 weeks pregnant and you just never know and if something were to happen and I have absolutely no resources to watch Cameron. Mary was all, "you're freaking me out. Are you going to have the baby this week?". LOL, ummm, no, I would just like to be safe. Needless to say, she called their house yesterday to get their cell phone numbers. Apparently, they don't have cell phones. Who doesn't have cell phones? Mary thought it was nice that they didn't have them and said there was a phone everywhere they went. Umm, the car, hello...and do pay phones even exist anymore? So my one resource in town doesn't have a cell phone and oh yeah, the bumbling professor (a/k/a Mary) didn't leave me the home number anyways. Thank goodness we're moving back to Mass.


Trace said...

It's supposed to be between 95-100 today...ick!

Stacey said...

Yeah, who doesn't have a cell phone? Even for emergencies!!!

I get nervous about presentations too so I totally understand where you're coming from.