Friday, August 29, 2008

A Day with Wifey and O.G.

Mary and I had a nice day with baby O.G. We ended up going to a mall and having lunch. The baby comes with a lot more stuff but definitely way easier to take him around at this age. He slept through most of it except to wake up, smile, and eat :-)

Of course my intention was to shop for myself but I ended up just getting things for the kids. I can't resist baby clothes and Cam needs some new things for the Fall after a major growth spurt. Plus, I was just done after trying on some jeans. I can't complain TOO much since I have lost all but about 5 pounds of the weight I gained during my pregnancy but this pouch that used to be a toned stomach has got to go. I planned on getting back into power yoga but this tailbone thing has me in major pain just after walking.

Anywho, we paid extra for Cameron to do a full day of camp - he normally does a 1/2 day. Since it was his last day, he was thrilled. And I got a running hug as he yelled "mommy!" when I picked him up. Unbelievable! I was so impressed, he got a milk shake.

That concludes my spastic pick ups at gymnastics camp. Did I mention one of the days, when I got home, I realized I had been leaking and had breast milk all over the left side of my shirt...and I was wearing a white t-shirt. That's hot. Oy. I'm sure I'm known as the crazy lesbian mom there.

And on a side note - McCain = SMART. Damn.


Trace said...

You made me laugh with your breast milk comment.

McCain? Very smart.

Candice said...

Oh, the breast milk does add a comedic element to my life. ;-)

John McCain's pick of Sarah Palin for VP.

Blue Pearl said...

ok, I just don't understand. McCain = smart? How so. That's the dumbest pick of VP I can imagine. A 72 yr old white dude and inexperienced Annie Oakley who hates polar bears and doesn't think abortion is ok even in case of rape and incest. Smart? Help me understand. I can't even imagine the dumbest Republicans thinking this is a good choice.

Candice said...

hahaha...she's a lunatic but still, I think it's a smart move.