Monday, August 25, 2008

Oh Randomness

When you have a baby, time flies. I always plan on doing so much during the day and then boom, the day is over and I've done little to nothing. Now I can relate to everyone's blog's fading out once they give birth.

Anywho, it was a pretty random week and I'll spare you most of the details...though mostly because I don't remember them. Can I remember anything other than feeding times???

Yesterday we went into the city for brunch and to walk around. Though brunch was more like breakfast since we went in early to avoid the actual Sunday brunch crowds. Magically, Owen stayed sleeping while I ate *a rarity*. Of course, we have to visit the ducks. Cameron's had a cold so he freaked out when we thought he kept saying he has to see "the dots". It took Mary and I about 10 minutes to figure out it was the ducks which we were heading to anyways.

Then he had a bit of a flip out because I told him not to yell. Luckily, he settled down where we were able to go to the Prudential shops and hang out at the pretty courtyard.

I also learned that my key to success is the blended lemonade from Starbucks. Cameron's in that stage where he NEVER shuts up. I thought it might be less annoying when he actually started calling us "mom" and "mommy" since he never stops repeating our names but it's still annoying. Anywho, the blended lemonade gave me some good 5 minute spurts of golden silence :-) Plus, he wasn't mad that he didn't get a drink from Starbucks.

In diapering news, O.G. has finally sported his gdiapers. He has been much to small to wear them up until now. I still have to get used to using them because I'm always fumbling with the liners. It's also a process since my son seems to like to pee in one diaper and then immediately poo in another diaper. He also likes to poo and pee on his mommy so you must be quick with changing. I will say the diapers are super cute but maybe it's just the baby in them ;-)


Angele said...

Just wanted to mention to you that the G goes at the back for Gdiapers. The velcro closing towards the back to prevent toddlers from taking them off.


Stacey said...

Cute pictures.

gDiapers are good but I think the g goes on the bum, not the front. :P Not that it matters--I think it's just so kids can't undo the velcro when they're older.

Here we can only get the packs that have orange/offwhite diapers which sucks because they have so many cool colours.

Candice said...

That's funny. I was discussing this with Mary and said that it was strange because all the pics' I saw on the website had the g in the back.

But for now, I'm keeping the g in the front because I'm not sure how I'd go about securing it without flipping the kid over. It's a strange set up.

Stacey said...

LOL. Well it's not hard to do but maybe easier when they're bigger. :P I don't think it matters either way, moreso for when they're older and can pull the velcro off.