Monday, August 18, 2008


Pardon the no blogging but I’ve been on “Staycation”. Since we have a new baby, instead of taking an actual vacation – we took a staycation. And what does that mean? We soaked in all the great things to do in the beautiful Boston area without the hassle of long drives, costly hotels, and luggage for 4.

We did local activities from Wed – Sat...Boston Commons, Aquarium, and Fanuel Hall. Baby O.G. was a joy the entire time even at his first sit down restaurant. Of course, I was a little bit stressed about bringing him to so many public places when he’s so young but otherwise it was enjoyable.

O.G. in his little penguin at The Aquarium

Cameron at the frog pond - we should buy stock in sun block

O.G.'s first restaurant (And on a side note, I thought I'd be thrilled to have cleavage but not so much...maybe because I thought if I ever had cleavage, it would be saline and not milk - ha!)

We also made a trip to IKEA which is my new favorite store. IKEA is total chaos but why is it my new favorite store? Because you can leave your kid at an awesome play area and go shopping. It’s great. Of course, security may need to be called when your kid won’t leave the awesome play area but it’s still the best thing EVER – good for the kid and good for the mommies :-) As for baby, he slept in the sling the entire time.

Since we were in the South Shore, we decided to pay a visit to my dad (a/k/a “Papa Bill”) who recently moved back to my home town. It was totally random and we brought Cameron to the local playground. I can’t believe I grew up in that town. A little team called the New England Patriots does play there but otherwise there is absolutely nothing.


Trace said...

Sounds like you guys had a nice time.

Stacey said...

sounds like a wonderful staycation.