Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Baby is Getting Huge ;-)

Yesterday, Mr. Owen George had his 1 month check up (a little bit late since we switched his and Cameron's physical apptmt). I definitely thought O.G. had gained a decent amount of weight but I didn't think he was 10 pounds, 8 ounces! Yikes. This was quite a bit considering he was born at 7, 10.5 and was down to 7 pounds at one point (it's pretty common for babies to lose weight in their first few days especially when breast fed). He's also 23 inches now which means he grew 2.5 inches from birth. I want him to stay little!

He seems to change every day. The bonus of him getting bigger is that he's starting to do the cutest things. He smiles a lot more especially in the mornings when he's the most happy. I think he's excited he can be awake without me trying to get him to sleep. He's also starting to coo a bit which is way too cute. It also looks like his eyes are going to be green :-) Of course, their also changing every day. I've heard you can't tell the actual (or final) eye color until 6 months and recently read it can even be a year. But my fingers are crossed for green like me :-)

We also got our announcements in last week - here's the crappy scanned version.