Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Whiney Wednesday

I'm having one of those weeks where nothing seems to go right. For example, every time I go to blog, my Internet shuts down or my computer crashes. Anywho...

My saving grace came this week when Cameron started gymnastics camp. It's only 3 hours/day but it's glorious. I can have time to enjoy the baby and Camer can get some of his energy out and interact with other kids. It does come with a down side as he's never willing to leave somewhere fun. He had an all out screaming fit when I picked him up on Monday which was reminiscence to his former pre-school days.
It was never fun not to mention quite embarassing but now that I have Owen in tow it's not exactly easy dragging screaming and crying Cameron out while carrying Owen in his car seat. Lovely. So for the past 2 days, I've picked Mary up on my way so she can go in and get him. This is absolutely ridiculous but hopefully she's setting some ground so I can resume getting him next week.

He still seems to have plenty of energy when he gets home but at least I'm not feeling bad about not playing with him enough. So with Cameron out for a few hours, I'm trying to get into some sort of groove of balancing housework and the baby. We flaked on getting a monitor which makes this even more difficult. When O.G. actually falls asleep and I can do some things, I have to carry him to each room in his car seat.

As for his car seat, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to do this but I don't think this blog is big enough for me to get sued by Chicco or something. Anywho, anyone in the market for a car seat, don't get the Chicco. We go the car seat/stroller combo and I LOVE the stroller. It's great. The car seat on the otherhand, in a nutshell, sucks! It's big and it's heavy. It's so big someone can barely sit in the seat in front of it. I did it on Saturday with my knees in the dashboard. I want to weigh it because I know it's seriously heavy which makes me worry when Owen actually gains a few pounds.

We also seem to be going down hill in the sleep department. It seems O.G. wants to eat and eat and eat which makes for difficult sleep. As I guess is normal for most infants, we go through a vicious cycle of eating. He gets fussy because he's hungry. I feed him with either the simplicity of a bottle or the difficulty of the breast. Then he's satisfied but his belly hurts. Once he clears up the belly issues, he's hungry again. It's evil. Needless to say, we were doing great with his sleeping but now that he wants to eat every 2 hours - even at night.

Mary was angry that I suggested that she sleep in the guest room last night. Yes, I still want to sleep with my wife but at least one of us needs to actually sleep. She also gets very angry about being woken up in the night even if she's not the one that has to do the work. So, last night, I get an angry Mary saying, "couldn't you have done that before we went to bed?!?" Well, I just randomly decided to feed and change the baby at 1 a.m. Ummm, hello, I'm not awake every few hours by choice. At least she realized that she was irrational and apologized in the morning and has agreed to sleep in the guest room for at least a little bit.


Stacey said...

My wife doesn't do well with interrupted sleep either but she does take care of some night wakings (which we STILL get). Ugh.

I hate infant seats to be honest. We only liked them at restaurants but they are a pain in the ass to carry around. And some say more kids get flat heads because parents leave them in those damn things all the time. :P

I hope things ease up a bit in all departments. Sounds exhausting.

For picking Cam up from his camp, does going earlier and warning him that he has x minutes left help? Sometimes kids don't deal well without a warning that things are ending/changing. I know it probably won't help much because he doesn't want it to end even with a warning. The only other thing I can think of is to make leaving a good thing. Do something fun afterwards--something else he can look forward to like finger painting or whatever he loves to do. I don't know. Tough call but I can see why it'd be easier for Mary to pick him up for sure!

Candice said...

There's so many things about baby's flat heads. My aunt was telling me it was because of babies sleeping on their backs.

As for Cam, that's exactly what I tried to do last Monday - go early and watch him play and let him know that he had 10 minutes left.
However, he freaked out as soon as I saw him and the place was total chaos. We'll see how things go today when I resume my pick up duties. Oy.