Wednesday, August 6, 2008

O.G. meets the Fam

We made a trip to my aunt's house so O.G. could meet the fam. We haven't ventured out many places so it was a bit overwhelming. It was also my first real sleepless night. He seemed to have a belly ache most of the night so even when he was sleeping, he kept moaning. I debated cancelling with my aunt but we made plans to go there in the morning and many people were going to be there. Luckily, O.G. was a joy of a baby and awake almost the entire time. I figured after not sleeping much or well the night before, he'd make a liar out of me since I'm always raving about how alert and good he is.

Big brother Cameron was also very good. Aside from his usual of not wanting to go in the house and then not wanting to leave (this is typical Cameron fashion), he just played with my younger cousin most of the time. Though of course everyone had baby gifts but only one person remembered a "big brother" gift so I made sure Cameron was in the play room when I opened the gifts. You definitely have to walk a fine line with the older sibling as to not create jealousy or bitterness.

Anywho, there was also the interesting thing of having a new baby and then going to a family gathering. You pretty much forfit your rights to your baby and watch him get handed around...even to children. It was kind of scary and luckily my 12 year old cousin is remarkably good at holding a baby since I thought I was going to freak out as my aunt handed O.G. to him. Of course, some how every time the baby needed his diaper changed, he was given to me. Go figure!

In other news, wifey is coming home early. Instead of Friday night, she'll be home tomorrow night. Yay! I don't like when she leaves on business regardless never mind when we just had our first bambino.

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