Sunday, August 3, 2008

To the Zoo

Mary was home for less than 48 hours and is now back up in Maine :-\ She won't be home until Friday night. It definitely sucks to have wifey away on business when OG is only 2 weeks old. I just hope the weather holds up since she's supposed to be out on boats all week.

The weekend was pretty good though I feel I'm overwhelmed in general. We did venture out to the zoo on Saturday. This was pretty much Owen's first outing and he did good. Mary did have a little reality check of us not being able to leave the house 20 minutes after I wake up. Umm, there's a lot that needs to be done to take baby out. He pretty much slept through the entire thing accept for waking up to eat. Pretty much if you keep the boy fed and changed, he's content.

Baby stuff is easy but doing baby stuff and Cameron stuff simultaneously - not so easy. Cameron has just been chaos which I keep having to remind myself is typical 3 year old boy behavior. But it's just way more relevant now that there's a quiet little baby in the house. On a positive note, Camer doesn't seem jealous of the baby nor is he really phased by him. He does usually refer to him as "that baby" which I'd like to change but I'm just happy that he doesn't seem jealous.

Luckily, OG continues to be an easy going baby and is still sleeping good. Though we've had a few nights where he wakes up every 3 hours, he usually sleeps about 5-6 hours straight. Sometimes I will wake him up after 4 hours to feed. One since I worry about him getting enough food and two because I'd rather wake him up than him wake me up. I'm definitely jolted into a panic when he wakes me up crying so luckily we haven't had too many of those.

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