Monday, August 11, 2008


The weekend was pretty lame. We spent most of it cleaning and organizing. On Sunday morning, I took Cameron to a playground. Note to self: when you have tailbone issues, don't attempt to go down a large plastic slide...even if your kid think it's quite funny. Second note to self: don't do it again even when your kid says, "do it again!". *ouch* We did have plans to ALL leave the house on Sunday afternoon but the rain cancelled that out. It is rainy so much lately and randomly. Anywho, I wasn't too bummed since I'm not super into taking O.G. to public places (since he's so young and without much of an immune system).

Today was my first day flying solo. Mary decided to let Cameron have an entire donut before leaving. Aside from health reasons, we limit sugar since he has quite enough energy on his own. So he was pretty much bouncing off the walls. He also managed to spill his full cup of milk at lunch. Speaking of lunch, I think I'm going to start making it the night before. Making his lunch while balancing the baby was not an easy task and I guess it will give me practice since I'll have to do that when he starts pre-school.

With all my focus on managing both kids, I forgot about the Chloe factor. As if Cameron and O.G. weren't enough, throw in a bit of a comic element of me letting Chloe out - her running to bark at people walking by and then me chasing BoBo who escapes from the house. (All the cats are indoor) So it was a spastic day to say the least but I did manage to at least start some laundry though after cleaning all weekend, the house already looks like a bomb blew up.

On a positive note, thank goodness Cameron takes a nap and for the baby sling though of course he managed to pee all over it. What's with babies pee'ing *and poo'ing* outside the diaper?

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Anonymous said...

make sure you push his pee pee in the down position before you fasten his diaper on. otherwise he will pee out of the diaper a lot :)