Tuesday, September 2, 2008

LONG Weekend

The weekend had some fun parts but it definitely felt like a LONG weekend. I feel like I have a certain way I do things during the week and it gets messed up over the weekend. Mary and I are both overwhelmed so it usually results in what I call "parenting conflicts". I want to do things one way, she wants to do things another way. So Saturday was pretty much ruined with this, I'll spare the details since the weekend did improve.

We went to some town event at a local park/playground on Sunday. Cam made a cookie that he topped with all sorts of crazy sugary things and refused to go in the bouncy thing (moon walk or whatever). Some of the pre-schoolers were going to be there: we ran into 1 or rather 1 came up to us. We're easy to spot as the 2 mom family.

We also had a visit from my friend C along with her husband S and baby B (who just turned 1). They moved to New Jersey shortly before we moved back to Mass. so that is a bummer. But it was definitely fun to see them and of course crazy with all the little ones of different ages.

Cameron also kind of freaks out with children that age...ones that walk but don't talk or understand when he tells them not to touch his toys. So it was interesting. He totally loved S though which sort of re-reminds us that he definitely needs more of a male influence. I think we're perfectly capable being 2 moms but I still think he needs a male influence.

Anywho, my sister arrived yesterday and is in town for 2 weeks so it should be interesting. We don't really get along and she complains about EVERYTHING. I am hoping she will help out with Cam though. But of course things get even more complicated when there's a non-parent around that Cameron thinks he can break all the rules around. I tried to bite my tongue when my mom was here but during her stay he smashed the ceiling light in his room when he broke the no throwing rule and then nearly killed his fish when he put the baby's bottle brush in the tank. Lets hope Auntie Polly is at least a little more into enforcing some of the rules.

I did have to laugh at Mary. When I was going to get my sister from the airport yesterday, Mary was all, "stay out, go to lunch, I'll be fine with the kids". Well, about 5 minutes after I got my sister, Mary was calling to see when I'd be home. LOL. At least it gave her a reality check of the fact that I am WORKING during the day. It's not all fun and games when the baby's fussing, the dog is barking, and Cam is bouncing off a wall.

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Stacey said...

Sounds like a busy weekend.

Family is horrible when they don't discipline! I guess they just want to spoil the kid but it ends up being a bad situation. :P