Sunday, September 7, 2008

Week in Review

The week has been a blur. Tuesday started with Mary's long day of work 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. since she's teaching a class at night. Supposively in the future she'll go in later on Tuesdays because of this but since my sister was here, she thought she'd help me out. She helped a bit by taking Cameron out for an hour during the day but other than that was not much help. And since then hasn't done much except for providing a few minutes of relief here and there.

Mostly, "Auntie Polly" has just annoyed me. We're on 2 totally different spectrums on everything. She was also mad at me because I wouldn't let her take my car to the casinos in Connecticut. She's basically a compulsive gambler so I told her before she came out that she could use my car within Mass to see her friends or what not but not to go to the casinos. She said that she wouldn't and would take a bus but of course was all pissed when I said she couldn't use it to go to the casino on Friday. Needless to say she ended up taking a bus after pouting around. It's hard to believe with her level of responsibility that she's nearly 10 years older than me.

Yesterday I began my co-op duties at the pre-school. All the parents had to do cleaning shifts to prepare the school for Monday. I was a bit bitter since I barely have time to clean the house but I ended up chatting with one of the parents most of the time. She was probably 15-20 years older than me, her child starting pre-school is her youngest but it was nice to make a connection and maybe if Cam gets along with her son we could have some play dates or what not.

Then a friend of Mary's came over later in the day. When Mary told me what time she was coming, I mentioned she should have her come a bit earlier, during some of Cameron's nap. Or later so we could have Cameron ready for bed. Mary was annoyed that I suggested this because she wanted him around. Well, he's not generally jealous around the baby but I do notice that when people fuss over the baby, he starts to show off. I think this is typical behavior but to distract it, I usually have people come during some of his sleep. But of course, I was stuck running after him and trying to sooth a fussy O.G. while Mary got into social mode. I don't have Mary's magic ability to tune out the children. I also decided it's difficult to have people that don't have children over because they are totally clueless to kid stuff. Or maybe it's Mary that's clueless since Mary and her sat around drinking beer until after 9. Keep in mind, "B" came over at 4. In the midst of this, I had to balance the baby and getting Cameron into bed who was angry with me since I didn't do his bath. Like all children, he hates going to bed but skipping parts of his routine just makes him even more angry about the entire thing. Finally, her and Mary left to go to a bar.
I never thought I'd be so thrilled to have Mary tell me she was going to a bar. But it left me with peace and quiet and not having to try to be social. :-)

This morning, I took my sister out to breakfast since I haven't actually done anything with her. She mostly just annoyed me as she just insults random strangers appearances and what not. She's also completely racist which drives me CRAZY. When I picked her up from the airport, I had to remind her not to use certain words around Cam. Though maybe it's just me, I feel so annoyed with everyone lately. I wonder if it's some post partum thing or just the lack of sleep. Like, when I was going to bed, I let my sister know who started to rant about some trip to Wal-Mart. It took everything in me to not scream, "I don't care about your trip to Wal-Mart". Aaaaah!!!

Well, this has been a complete random rant. I'll be back to my Pats' game that's currently on half-time.

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Stacey said...

ugh, sounds like your sister is a pain in the ass and that mary isn't being very understanding about the kids. i think i'd be annoyed too.