Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Crazy Camer

Cameron generally drives me crazy lately. I love him but his energy seems to have increased 10 fold since the baby was born. I remind myself every day that he's 3 and pray that most of his actions are a phase. I've also been going crazy trying to balance him and the baby while in all honesty, just wanting to enjoy my first baby. Most people that have a 3 year old, have gone through the entire infant thing.

Anywho, he's also in that stage where he repeats a lot of what people say, even if he has no idea what it means. Sometimes, I HATE this. Like when he picks up "bad words" from older boys at gymnastics camp. Oy. But then there's those moments when he just cracks me up, repeating stuff that his mommies say...

The other day, Mom *Mary* finished putting together a bathroom cabinet and showed it to us, Cam's response:

"Wow, Mom, that's awesome! I'm so proud of you!"

And the other night, I put clean sheets on his bed (I used to do this weekly but it's been a while to say the least) - apparently, it was exciting for him since his response was

"Thanks Mommy! You're the best! You're my mommy in the world wide!"

Yes, he doesn't always remember how the words are supposed to go which makes it even funnier.

And today, he told me I looked handsome - I said thanks but normally it's handsome for boys and pretty for girls so he told me I was girl handsome. LOL. The kid is a nut.