Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The babe...

So my "wittle man" is 7 weeks old as of yesterday. Crazy! I've definitely been blessed with a good baby but it fits my theory of "good things come to those who wait". Some random tidbits on Owen George's latest is he smiles A LOT and is coo'ing A LOT. Cam definitely gets a kick out of the smiles and loves to tell everyone that his baby brother is happy.

He doesn't mind "tummy time" especially since it gives him easy access to putting his fist in his mouth. He can hold his head up quite a bit, he's had a strong neck since birth. He's quite strong all around and still likes to kick and punch all day just like in mommy's belly.

I still haven't purchased a monitor. I've actually been delaying it because Mary wants him to sleep in his crib and since we don't have a monitor, it's not possible :-) I like him in the bedroom because he still gets up and it allows me to check him easily too. You know, the neurotic first mother's breathing check.

As far as a schedule, we have a "loose" one but that's something I'd definitely like to get more of. I should be more proactive with that but I still feel like I just go with what he's wanting though I do try to get him to nap more since the only time he gets really fussy is when he's over tired. But like the typical child, he doesn't want to sleep.

Currently, he's in his crib which he loves. Not for sleep, of course, but to look at his mobile and at the boats on the bumper. Of course, he starts to get angry when the mobile turns off. They should definitely make those things to play more than 5 minutes. He's funny because he won't start crying but actually yells at it.

On a random note, I had this realization last week when he turned 6 weeks. That is generally the time that infants can start daycare. I hate daycare. I definitely understand that some people need to do it because of financial reasons but I'm totally against it until a child is at least 6 months (and even then, I'm not a fan). So I'm grateful our financial sitaution is such that I can stay home with O.G. and that Cam doesn't need to be in a full day thing. I won’t sugar coat, the stay at home mom thing does have its disadvantages like never being “off” duty but the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

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Lannette said...

Hi Candice,

Your boys are both growing so quickly and they're both adorable. Cameron really seems to have settled in well with the big brother, little brother thing.