Saturday, November 22, 2008

Retail Therapy

Today we went to my new favorite store - Hanna Andersson We received a gift for O.G. of clothes from their that were way too big. However, I should never be allowed in the store again. I'm still dreaming about things I could've and should've bought. I'm terribly addicted to kid's clothes.

When we got home I did a photo shoot with his new stuff...

What he loves best? Being naked!

I know, I'm becoming one of those bloggers that only posts pics' of their kids but come on, they're wicked cute ;-)


john said...

i agree, they are wicked cute. Besides, who else would we post?

Stacey said...

those clothes are soooo cute. i've never heard of that store but now i want to find it and buy it out. :)